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Garage Epoxy Flooring

Columbus Epoxy is a great choice if you want to upgrade your garage floor while adding beauty and durability that no floor paint can compare to. They not only look great, they also keep your floors clean and protect against oil stains, cracking, and chips. Garage floor epoxy in Columbus is an awesome way to add that extra boost your garage needs to look finished.

Whether you’re a Columbus backyard mechanic or just like to park your car in the garage at night, adding an epoxy coating in your garage has many benefits. Don’t bother with the cheap do-it-yourself kits from the big box stores. They will only serve to make an even bigger mess because the application is rarely smooth and those products are thinned to the point that they will wear out in the space of a year or two. They only have epoxy in the name because they have a small concentration in with the other ingredients.

Rather than dealing with the headache of stripping the old flooring and reapplying something you know isn’t going to last, call Columbus Epoxy Floors and have it done right the first time. Our work will last for years to come with no worries of peeling, bubbling or chipping.

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Porch and Patio Epoxy

Does your front porch or patio need a facelift? Though these areas are often made of concrete and are thought to be strong and durable, they still show the effects of being exposed to the elements year after year. Between salt in the winter, dirt and runoff in the summer and leaves and debris in the fall, concrete patios and porches start showing the stains, cracks and chips that come with years of exposure to these harsh conditions.

Though epoxy is typically thought of as a garage floor coating, it’s also perfect for your concrete patio or porch. Not only will epoxy add much needed protection to these areas, it will also help the curb appeal of your home. Epoxy comes in lots of different colors and tints, making it the perfect accent to your exterior color scheme. And with the option to add a non-slip additive, you can be confident that ice and wet floors won’t be a problem like they are on bare concrete.

Columbus Porch and floor paints have nothing on our professional epoxy coatings. These products are marketed to protect against the elements, but they almost never live up to that claim. They are just too thin and brittle to really offer anything more than just a paint job for your floor. Save the time and money you would spend on that DIY epoxy kit or porch and floor paint, and go for the good stuff!

Pool Deck Epoxy

Any pool owner knows first hand the chore that is pool deck maintenance. And for any soon-to-be pool owner, it’s an important consideration. Concrete surfaces are prone to cracking and chipping, making them both dangerous and unsightly. Pool decks also get quite slippery when wet and can be difficult to clean. That’s why we offer protective, no-slip epoxy coated pool decks, that are must-have for any pool owner.

Pool deck coatings from Columbus Epoxy Floors are designed to provide durable protection against the natural elements, safeguard your friends and family at the pool, and look beautiful in the process.

Our epoxy products are 100% solids, unlike many of the popular DIY epoxy coatings, which means our epoxy won’t chip, crack, or flake over time. We take the time to properly prepare every pool deck we do. No matter its initial condition, your pool deck will be thoroughly prepared so that the epoxy coating adheres perfectly and cures to a long lasting and durable surface.

When you choose Columbus Ohio Epoxy Floors, you are making the choice to protect your pool and ensure you can enjoy it for many years. You are choosing to make it beautiful, less slippery and safer for everyone to enjoy. And you choose to do all of that while cutting down on pool deck maintenance. Just a simple rinse with a hose or a wash with soapy water is enough to clean your pool deck.

Columbus Epoxy Floors offers the highest quality epoxy flooring services in all of Central Ohio, and we take pride in our premier customer service