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Choosing a type of flooring for your industrial space is something that requires many decisions. The amount of hard traffic the floor will endure along with the type of work being performed make a difference in choosing the right epoxy application.

Whether it’s a production line, manufacturing, chemical plant, airline hangar, or distribution center, your building has unique requirements to maintain a safe and durable coating for your floors.

The stress of pallet jacks, forklifts, heavy machinery and even tractors can be hard on your floors. We will customize your epoxy flooring to fit the needs of the space. The safety aspect also cannot be overlooked. We have many options to texturize your floors to minimize injuries due to slip and fall accidents. You must have a reliable flooring solution that you can count on to provide you with many years of use without chipping, peeling or scratching, while keeping the safety of your workers a top priority.

Though epoxy floors are inherently smooth and depend on that quality for stability and ease of cleaning, there are many great options to add aggregates and texture to your floors so that slips and falls will be greatly minimized. And any business will tell you that workplace injuries cost a lot of money. The investment in a high quality industrial epoxy floor is well worth it.

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