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Retail/Medical Flooring Central Ohio

Epoxy flooring is the premiere choice for many different Columbus Ohio commercial businesses, such as retail stores, showrooms, medical locations, and sports complexes. Commercial epoxy flooring can withstand the harsh wear and tear that comes along with foot traffic, spills, and heavy equipment on a daily basis. And the best part is, they are easy to clean and still look great even after hard every day use.

Another important point is that epoxy floors in Columbus is one of just a handful of flooring options that has been fully approved by the USDA for use in Ohio food service facilities and retail establishments. It offers extremely easy cleaning and doesn’t harbor harmful bacteria and viruses like other flooring products or unsealed concrete.

Columbus area hospitals and restaurants can rest assured that epoxy flooring is the best choice for sanitary conditions and longevity of their floors. And it’s very easy to customize the flooring with any patterns and colors to match your company branding and color scheme.

Non-Slip Epoxy Flooring

Though you might not think too much about the floor in your establishment, it really does play a huge part in your company, from the safety of your workers and customers, money spent on cleaning, and longer term durability.

If you have to pay for even just one slip and fall accident, it can reach six figures very quickly.

And why deal with the hassle of replacing or re-coating your floor every couple years with other flooring options when Columbus Epoxy Floors can give you something that will last 20 years or more? And from a food safety perspective, there is no comparison.

So think about how much abuse your floors take with constant customer traffic, heavy equipment being moved around and constant spills in kitchen settings. It only makes sense to have a floor designed to handle it all for many years without a problem.

Columbus Epoxy Floors offers the highest quality epoxy flooring services in all of Central Ohio, and we take pride in our premier customer service